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Soluzioni di inglese sul simple present

Gli esercizi sul present simple sono la base da cui partire per testare il proprio inglese. Ecco le soluzioni dell'esercizio.

L'esercizio di inglese sul present simple lo trovi a questo link.


1. Britney speaks two languages.
2. Jennifer and Peter speak five languages.
3. You[/span] don’t like fishing.
4. He[/span] lives in London.
5. Where does he live?
6. Where do they live?
7. How often do you travel abroad?
8. Sarah has three brothers.
9. We lives in Manchester.
10. Where does she work?
11. What time do you start school?
12. What kind of music do you like?
13. What kind of music does your brother like?
14. Do you like football?
15. Do you know this man?
16. Why do you want to live in London?
17. How often do you see your brother?
18. Where do you work?
19. Where is he from? - He's from Berlin.
20. Where does he work? - He works in at post office.
21. Where do they work? - They work in a shop in the city.
22. How long does it take you to drive to work in the mornings?
23. Which university does Sam go to? - He goes to Oxford.
24. How much does the book cost?
25. Why do you smoke so much? It's unhealthy.
26. Where do they spend their weekends?
27. Where do your parents live?
28. Which restaurant do you prefer?
29. How much does a room cost in your hotel?
30. Where does he usually go for his holidays?

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